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Religions in Game of Thrones: Religions in GoT

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Books on Religion

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Wiki Historiography

Game of Thrones Wikis

The articles on these wikis resemble articles on Wikipedia. Most claims made by the authors are supported by footnotes (e.g.: [1], [2]) which will indicate the text and perhaps the chapter where that information originally appears. Be sure to follow these footnotes to confirm that there is textual evidence to support a claim.

Summaries of GoT Religions

These articles do not include footnotes or citations to Martin's original text. Therefore, it's important to fact-check and cross-reference these articles' claims with other sources, giving priorities to those sources which cite evidence from the original text.

Databases for Researching World Religions

***These databases do not require a password if you access them using the LatinAuth WiFi. If you access any of these databases outside the building, you can log in using your RomanNet username and password.***


Academic Articles on Game of Thrones