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Artificial Intelligence and Syrian Refugee Crisis: The World's Response: Research Host Nations and More

Countries Respond to the Crisis


    Syrian Refugee Crisis: All Your Questions Answered

    What Is the Current State of the Migration Crisis in Europe?    

     Ten Countries Host More Than Half of World's Refugees

    Syrian Refugees: A Snapshot of the Crisis-- In the Middle East and Europe

    Syria's Lost Generation: Refugee Children at Work

   Can Refugees Return to Syria, As Many Want Them To?


     Syrian Refugees In Turkey: Beyond a Burden

     For Syrian Refugees In Turkey, a Long Road to Regular Employment

     Syrian Refugees in Turkey: The Long Road Ahead

     Syrian Refugees: Struggles in Turkey Intensify


     International Rescue Committee: Greece

     Syrian Refugees In Greece Feel Betrayed By West

     Number of Refugee Arrivals to Greece Increase Dramatically

     Refugees In Limbo


     Macedonia Forcibly Returns Thousands of Refugees to Greece

     Syrian Refugees On Macedonian Border Need Help

     Refugees Tear-Gassed at Macedonia-Greece Border


     By Welcoming Syrian Refugees, Serbs Hope to Salvage Their Reputation

     Serbia to Tighten Borders Amid Refugee Build-Up

     European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations: Serbia


     Hungary's Border War on Refugees

    What You Need to Know About Hungary's War on Refugees

     Refugee Crisis: Hungary Sends More Troops to Border

     Hungary Says Migrant Influx to Europe Must Be Stopped Altogether


     So Long, Farewell

     Austria Has a Proud History of Helping Refugees-- But For How Much Longer?

     Austria Adopts Strict Laws To Keep Out Refugees


    How Far Will Southern Spain's Resources for Refugees Go?

   Germany Reaches Deal with Spain to Return Refugees 

    Over 1,500 Refugees and Migrants Reach Spain 



     Denmark, a Social Welfare Utopia, Takes a Nasty Turn On Refugees

     How Not To Welcome Refugees


     The Death of the Most Generous Nation On Earth

     Sweden's Backlash: Why the Tide is Turning for Refugees

United Kingdom

     More than 8,000 Syrian refugees come to UK under plans to resettle 20,000 by 2020

     UK Unlikely to Reach Target of Resettling 20,000 Refugees

     The UK and Syria

     Migrant Crisis: What Is the UK Doing to Help?