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Latin American History - Indigenous Peoples: Databases & Websites

Background Research

Once you have chosen the country you will focus on in your research, the first step is to identify the indigenous groups that live and have historically lived in your country. Because this is simply background research, you can use Wikipedia to identify these groups. These groups (e.g. Pibil, Mapuche, Quechua) will become keywords in your research.

Indigenous Peoples in North and Central America

Indigenous Peoples in South America

Now that you have your keywords, you start your research by looking at databases or websites found on this guide. Wikipedia cannot be used for this stage of research and should not appear in your citations.

Accessing Databases Remotely

If you are accessing Latin's databases remotely, you will see the following login screen. You can login via the following information:

Username: Your RomanNet username (exclude the

Password: Your RomanNet password