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Global Studies - Religions Research Project: Annotated Bibliography

Writing Annotations:

Each citation in your bibliography needs to be annotated. Annotations can be added to a citation in NoodleTools by selecting "Edit" from the "Options" dropdown menu to the right of the citation. Scroll down to the bottom of the citation form to find the "Annotation" box. Type your annotation directly into this box and it will be added to your final annotated bibliography. Remember to always click save!

What do I need to include in my annotations?

Annotations should be between 3-6 sentences long. An annotation should include at least one sentence that addresses each of the following:

  1. Summarize: In your own words, what did you take notes on? What main topics are covered in the source as a whole?

  2. Analyze: Is this a useful source? How does this source compare to other sources you’ve found? What is the goal of this source? 

  3. Reflect: How has this source impacted how you think about your topic?


Export your completed annotated bibliography: select the "export/print" icon at the top of your NoodleTools project folder (it looks like a box with an arrow pointing up) > select "print/export to Google Docs" > keep "all sources" selected and press "submit". 


Example Annotated Bibliography