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Global Studies - Religions Research Project: Home

Project Overview

How to Use this Libguide

Follow the tabs at the top of this Libguide as you proceed through this project. You workflow should look something like this:

  1. Write your research question
  2. Search for sources in the Databases and Books tabs above
  3. As you find sources that are relevant to your research question, take notes on those sources using the Note Taking Worksheet and also record the source's bibliographic information (i.e. author, title, etc.)
  4. Once you have several sources on your Note-Taking sheet, create an account on NoodleTools and begin adding your sources to NoodleTools
  5. Use your Note-Taking worksheet to write your Annotations in NoodleTools
  6. Once you have all your sources and annotations entered into NoodleTools, export your completed Annotated Bibliography.

What is Due at the End?

  1. Writing your Research Question Worksheet (link below)
  2. Note-Taking Worksheet (link below)
  3. Annotated Bibliography

World Religions Research:

Accessing Databases Remotely

If you are accessing Latin's databases remotely, you will see the following login screen. You can login via the following information:

Username: Your RomanNet username (exclude the

Password: Your RomanNet password